Testimonial Eldwym

Collecting his check-Seller


Dear NRS,

Thank you NRS for buying our house fast. You kept all your promises and we truly appreciate that. You gave us a written guarantee within 24hrs and took care of our mortgage payments, paper work, etc., we were surprised of how fast you were able to buy our house. Thanks to you and your company my son received the money he needed within days to move into his new home, so he could move on with his life and will receive money to pay-off some bills. We were not inconvenienced with any 30 day escrow hassles, real estate agents who want big 6% commissions, or crazy out of pockets expenses. Our expenses were zero and we were able to avoid $30,000 in repairs to our house, because you bought our home as is, no worries.

I plan to tell everyone, of how you helped us and how they could use your services.


Eldwin Allen Home Seller


Testimonial Carolanne

We helped this seller move on with life....


Dear NRS,

Appoline & I would like to graciously thank you for your kind & helpful services through our real estate transaction. We are very pleased with everything that you and your company did to accommodate our needs. You made us and our needs a priority. When we first decided to sell, we were reluctant, there were many things we needed to do and none of them were hassle or worry free.

First of all and most important we needed to get out of debt, catch up on our mortgage payments to prevent negative reporting on our credit, make needed repairs to our home just to get in the position to sell according to many real estate agents we had talked to. Focusing on our needs, you took care of all of that. You sold our home quickly and worry free, as is, with no home repairs, as we were told by many real estate agents it would take several thousands of dollar’s just to get in the position to sell.

Again, you helped us with our mortgage payments on our home, when we were behind and we did not receive any negative reporting from the credit agencies. You told us that there was going to be no out of pocket expenses and there wasn’t. The whole transaction was smooth and the closing was simple, no long closings that lasted 30 days or more, we were not inconvenienced at all, we were in full control of our whole transaction.

On top of everything we didn’t even have to pay a commission! With the extra money we planned our long awaited dream vacation trip to France, which we had always wanted to go.

Even after our planned trip we have money left which we plan to invest with you and earn a 15% return!

Thanks again, for helping us move on in with our lives, hassle, and worry free. We know because of everything you did for us, we plan to purchase our next home with you and recommend you to everyone we know and anyone who can us your services. This will be an experience we will never forget.


Carol Ann Hartman Home owner